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Can Chiropractic Help Improve Your Posture?

How a chiropractor can help you improve your posture in 3 simple ways.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and seen your head jutting forward and that hump forming behind your neck?

Have you noticed one shoulder sits higher than the other?

Are you beginning to feel stiff and sore in those hips after sitting for prolonged periods?

That’s where a chiropractor can help.

A chiropractor can help improve your posture by assessing and finding the underlying cause of your poor posture to correct it and get you sitting and standing up straight without you constantly reminding yourself.

How Can A Chiropractor Fix Bad Posture?

The first step with your chiropractor will be a detailed history. We will ask you specific questions to find get to the root cause of that postural distortion and potential pain. What are you doing everyday? Are you sitting, hunching over a computer? Spending hours on a phone? Do you move your body? Have you had accidents and injuries? Are there already areas of pain or headache?

The second step will be to assess the posture and spine.

The spine is a complex mechanism that allows movement, stability, flexibility and protection to your spinal cord. But the spine does not just magically hold you up. There is a sophisticated system of muscles, some under voluntary control, some not. And what tells those muscles how to contract, relax and hold that spine up? The answer; your brain and nervous system. So we need to assess how you are standing, sitting and moving that spine, the function of those muscles, and test the nervous system to make sure your brain and body are clearly communicating.

The third step will be the part you’ve been waiting for:

A chiropractor will help to improve your posture with treatment specific to the problems they’ve identified.

Chiropractors have multiple techniques which include adjustments, soft tissue work, as well as specific exercises and rehabilitation that you can do both in the clinic and at home to help change your posture…and keep it that way.

Adjustments: are very gentle movements to the spine at specific blocked segments. Sometimes the joints may release gas and create a “pop” sounds, but if that sounds scary there are many different techniques that can be employed to get fantastic results meanwhile have you feeling safe and secure.

Soft Tissue Work:

Your chiropractor will address the overactive tight muscles through specific muscle releases and stretches and help guide you to strengthen your underactive muscles through exercise and rehabilitation.


We will prescribe specific exercises for rehabilitation based on your postural changes to reduce tension in your muscles and increase strength in your weak muscles. We send you these individualised programs through an online program and/or on your own app account so you can see the exercises on video’s, ensuring you know what to do wherever you are!

So do you have a postural concern? Book in with one of our expert chiropractors to obtain your individualised plan to correct your posture today.

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