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Back To Winter Sports!

As the start of football season approaches, many aspiring and inspired players will be dusting off their boots and heading onto the fields to do their shining best. Unfortunately and inevitably, if there has been inadequate pre-season training and conditioning, injuries are bound to happen. These sports injuries can range from strained muscles and sprained ankles to the dreadful fractures and torn ligaments.

A Few Golden Rules to Avoid Injuries:

1. Warm Up Before. This brings much needed blood flow to the area, about to be used. Remember an inactive muscle has virtually no circulation going through it and an active muscle needs a massive amount of blood flow. So whichever muscles are needing for your exercise, make sure they have been doing some movements before expecting them to do full contractions.

2. After Sport make sure to Stretch all the muscles involved in that particular sport. Think about the stretching like pressing the "reset button" to get the muscle back to its default normal length.

3. Don't Skip any Steps in the Training. Sometimes in our eagerness to return to our favourite sport, it is easy to gloss over, or miss very important steps in the training (strenthening, fitness and conditioning).

4. Don't Exercise if you are Feeling Sick. This is a sure recipe for developing a more serious illness, or a sports injury. At Peak Chiropractic, whether you are a competitive athlete or exercise hobbyist, our goal is to assess, treat and manage your injuries effectively, in the shortest amount of time required to get you back into your sport and doing what you love. We have the latest in state-of-the-art technology and a tremendous amount of experience in treating your sporting injuries. Head on over to our website here to find your area of complaint and get in touch with us today if any of these areas are of concern to you, or if you simply want more information on whether we can help.

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