Knee Pain Solutions

Knee Pain is a common symptom in people of all ages. It may start suddenly, often after an injury or exercise, or it may start as a mild pain, gradually increasing and getting worse over time.

Let's focus for a moment on the pain which starts off gradually and feels worse with time and as we climb stairs, or after we have been sitting for a long period of time and then stand up, and makes squatting virtually impossible.

Sometimes patients I treat say to me: "It's just old age" or simply " I have learnt to live with the pain". These are not really an acceptable solution to the problem. The pain is telling you that some damage is being done to the area and therefore in this case, the saying of "no pain, no gain" is incorrect. I would tend to make it right by saying "gain is to be out of pain" and permanently.

But How?

Let's take a look at some of the most updated non-surgical solutions and answers for pain in the knees and more particularly osteoarthritis of the knee.

Knee Pain Prevention (especially if you have had previous knee injuries)

Exercising in water- thus taking the weight off the joint. This allows the muscle to work in a gravity free environment with no impact on the knee and allows the circulation to pump vigorously through the active muscles again.

Walking on a level surface- Any angle adds pressure on the knees delicate cartilage, which over time will begin to wear down. Downhill is actually worse than uphill. Stairs are also tough on the knees.

Avoid stressful positions for the knees- deep knee bends; lunges and squatting are all really hard on the knee joints.

Avoid over-exercising the knee- too much of any one exercise can be a bad thing and add to the repetitive strain on the joints

Avoid High Impact Exercise on the Knee

Correct footwear is important- closed shoes, with proper arch support are essential if you are walking any distance. Also thick cushioning on the soles can really help to act as an extra shock absorber. Remember barefoot is a big no-no on hard surfaces, including indoors, so try to wear indoor sandals with the appropriate arch support waiting for you when you get home so you can exchange your shoes at the door.

Take Supplements for example glucosamine, chondroitin and omega 3. The ability of the body to rebuild and repair cartilage significantly declines already after